7 Lies Perth SEO Companies Might Say

Perth SEO Company

Perth SEO companies have been well known to sell the benefits of hiring them to help you rank #1 on Google.

What frustrates me, is that they will sell on fear and misguide you to believe you need their solution.

Before you considering an SEO company in Perth, understand the following lies these company could be telling you.

P.S. Before I go into detail, not all SEO companies are equal, and I have worked with some reputable experts over time – so if you want a short-list, please contact me.

1. “SEO is the only marketing channel you need.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of SEO and believe it is very effective in the right scenario.

However, SEO is difficult and takes time to build.

The truth is, every business is different and so are their audience. Thus, the approach should be different.

For example, for a leading business who primary audience Google’s their product/service, I will use SEO.

But, a new business in the B2B space might require a LinkedIn strategy instead.

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2. “SEO will grow your business.”

Traffic doesn’t necessarily convert into paying customers.

Yes, SEO can grow your business, but the wrong traffic won’t generate any more sales.

More importantly, you need to convert these visitors/traffic into leads.

Without a marketing funnel, you’ll be wasting time and money on generating traffic that bounces.

3. “SEO is the cheapest form of online marketing.”

Interesting… in what time period?

Yes, SEO can be very cost effective, but in the short-term, it can be more expensive.

SEO can take 6+ months to get traction.

Don’t get me wrong; you can get results quicker – depending on the competition.

Do not start with SEO if you’re relying on it to be the cheapest marketing channel in the short-term.

Generally, over time SEO become effective. Thus, a 12-month contract with an SEO company does make sense – if they are doing it right.

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4. “All inbound links are created equal.”

Inbound links from other websites will build your reputation in Google’s eyes.

Inbound links are like votes for your website.

When you get a link from a more reputable website, it will earn you more reputation/votes.

Focus on inbound links from more reputable websites, not directories.

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5. “SEO will generate you sales.”

Yes, we do marketing to generate more sales.

However, it’s only one piece of jigsaw puzzle.

There are three main pieces:

  1. Attract traffic, e. SEO
  2. Convert leads, e. conversion optimisation
  3. Close sales, i.e. automation / CRM

You have to ensure that all parts of your marketing system are working to generate sales.

Just outranking your competitors and generating website traffic isn’t enough.

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6. “We will make you rank #1 – guaranteed.”

Wow, what a great proposition – you must be thinking “they must be good if they offer this”.

But in most cases, they will either:

  • Picking the easiest keywords
  • Using bad SEO techniques

The latter option could result in your website penalised.

The best option is to take a strategic SEO approach. Understand what your target audience are Googling.

Did you know 70% of searchers are long-tail (i.e. questions)?

I always advocate gaining a greater market share of keywords instead of just a few keywords.

7. “There’s nothing to lose.”

Umm… even if they offer a money-back guarantee, you will lose time.

So often I see people waste years with SEO techniques that don’t work.

Their business is now struggling, and they cannot afford it to do it correctly.

Yes, SEO does work, but you need to do it properly from the start.

I’ve recommended businesses do not consider SEO if they don’t have the required budget – in most of these cases, they would be better to invest in short-term strategies, then once they have an ROI to reinvest in SEO.

Can you generate organic traffic without a Perth SEO company?

Yes, you can.

The first thing would be to understand who your target audience.

Then find out their questions or what they are Googling.

From here you want to create remarkable evergreen content that they will share.

We specialise in SEO and have been doing it since 2007 and believe in doing it the right way from the start.

Feel free to contact us for more information about SEO for your Perth business.

Adam Rowles
Blueprint Homes