The Inbound Marketing Process

At Inbound Marketing Agency, we take a holistic approach to digital marketing, helping clients grow their online presence using a variety of online marketing techniques and practices.

We have extensive experience across many industries and are constantly adapting to technology updates and the ever-changing online ecosystem.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing (sometimes referred to as digital marketing, online marketing, or internet marketing) is the process of attracting clients who are actively searching for information or services online.

Unlike outbound (traditional) marketing, inbound marketing focuses on providing useful, relevant information and content through all stages of the buying journey. With inbound marketing, prospects can find your business’s website through search engines, social media, and blogs.

Inbound marketing doesn’t bombard potential customers like traditional marketing; instead, it helps you reach them when they are actively looking for information, products, or services you provide. By developing content focused on your potential customers’ problems, questions, and needs, you build their credibility and trust, while attracting them to your website.

Nurturing potential customers through your sales funnel with educational materials and useful information will help them trust you, with the ideal outcome of converting prospective customers to satisfied promoters of your business.

Inbound Marketing Outbound Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads Search spam
Opt-In email lists & subscriptions Purchased/rented email lists
Books & print media Advertisements on TV, radio, print media
Sponsored events Billboards & outdoor advertisements
Press & public relations (PR) Commercial press releases
Thought leadership Pop-ups
Community building Contextual Ads
Influencer outreach Outbound sales calls (“cold calling”)
Blog posts Interstitial advertisement pages
Public speaking, educational events, & summits Trade show booths
Earned social media Most social media advertising
Word of Mouth (WOM) & viral marketing Forum & comment spam
Content creation & marketing Banner & display ads
Organic app store/play store visibility Paid app reviews
Video content: how-to, informational videos Video ads

Source: Moz

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Inbound Marketing Methodology

Ultimate Inbound Marketing Machine

The Inbound Marketing Process

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Turn strangers into visitors by attracting the right people to your website.

Your goal is to show the right content (highly relevant, useful, informational) to the right people (those who are most likely to become leads), at the right time (when they are searching for it). This can be done with:

• Blogging
• Content strategy
• Social media

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Once you have attracted your prospect’s attention, the next step is to convert them into a lead.

This involves taking your relationship with the potential customer to the next level by getting them to engage in your content and continue the conversation. Content at the conversion stage can include:

• Forms & Messages
• Meetings
• Lead magnets (ebooks, white papers, quizzes, videos, offers, etc.)

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The final (and perhaps most important!) step in the Inbound Marketing process is to convert your potential customers into actual customers.

Closing sales is the key to increasing your business’s ROI and building a lasting, long-term relationship with customers. Enhance your close rate using:

• Marketing automation
• Email marketing
• Return path technology (remarketing)

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The process doesn’t stop once you’ve acquired a customer.

Keeping customers happy is a crucial part to business success, and the final step of the inbound marketing process. Delight existing customers by providing top-notch customer experience that will keep them coming back for more.

• Customer service
• Upselling
• Continued support & conversations

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Inbound Marketing Activities

Inbound Marketing Agency offers a variety of activities and services to support your business.

These activities are helpful alone but are most effective when combined to form a complete inbound marketing package – our experienced team will create a custom digital marketing strategy and game plan for your business based on your current position and goals.

Our reporting capabilities and software allow us to track analytics and get detailed feedback on which activities and channels (mobile, desktop) are getting you results.

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