Healthcare: 3 Must-Need Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Is there anything more frustrating than not having enough new patients coming through the door?

Fortunately for you, I’ll share these marketing strategies, which has helped a healthcare practice double their sales.

Six months ago, a healthcare practice came to me with a problem – they desperately needed to increase patient leads & sales…otherwise, they would be in financial grief.

The digital landscape had changed: it was becoming more difficult with increased competition.

We had to find a smart solution QUICKLY, as the market was shifting and consumers wanted more.

Firstly, we performed an audit that identified the following:

  • search engine traffic had flatlined
  • website lead conversion rates were very low
  • sales conversion rates (lead -> customer) were getting worse over time

Secondly, these problems resulted in increased spending on advertising & a decrease in sales.

Fast forward, after they invested in this patient marketing system, they have been able to experience:

  1. 4x more qualified leads
  2. 2x more website traffic

Can you imagine your leads increasing by 4x?

Below I have outlined three marketing strategies you MUST implement so you don’t get left behind the competition – let’s face it, the digital landscape is changing & you must act BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

The Patient Marketing System

I have broken the new patient marketing system into three strategies.

Each strategy is dependent on the others and has a multiplier effect.

Patient Marketing System Formula:  Traffic x Leads x Customers x Frequency = Patient Revenue

Today, we’ll discuss how you can improve traffic, leads, and customers and we’ll leave frequency to another day.

Patient Attraction System

Without website traffic, you might as well close the practice.

Today I’ll discuss the two most effective marketing activities to drive quality traffic:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    This is the process of driving prospective patients to your website from search engines such as Google & Bing without paying them directly. SEO will provide you with the greatest long-term ROI.The healthcare industry is very competitive online. Don’t expect results overnight, that’s why I recommend a two-prong approach. Also, don’t purchase a ‘cookie cutter’ SEO package, because it just won’t CUT it (excuse the pun)!
  • Google AdWords
    This is very similar to search engine However, you must pay Google every time someone clicks on your search results. In the healthcare & medical industries the cost-per-click can be VERY high, and if you do not have our “patient lead conversion” strategy setup correctly, then you end up throwing money away and giving your competitors an advantage.Even though AdWords costs in the short-term, it can be used to your advantage to generate quality traffic immediately. I’d recommend setting up a narrow & focused campaign initially, so you can closely measure the ROI from a keyword level.

Patient Lead Conversion System

Now that you’re generating quality traffic you need to CONVERT them into leads.

Many websites leave leads on the table, without setting up an effective conversion funnel/path for visitors.

Below I have outlined a few important activities

  • Content Offers
    When someone lands on your website, they fall into either of the following categories Awareness, Consideration, or Decision stage. Studies suggest that 90-95% visitors aren’t ready to buy now. However, we often see websites trying to sell, sell, and sell straight away. This results in visitors leaving the website. We recommend setting up a conversion funnel that helps educate users rather than only selling to them.
  • Landing Pages
    When visitors land on a website, they have so many options. For example, they can navigate to the service or product page, browse to the team page, head to the contact us page, or view the blog page, etc. There are so many options and visitors get lost without any real direction and can end up leaving without enquiring. Giving your prospects fewer options can lead to increased leads.
  • Calls-to-Action (CTAs)
    Now that we have content offers for each stage of the buying cycle with landing pages; it’s time to make sure people find these offers by promoting them throughout the website on relevant blogs. CTAs can be buttons, text links, or images which link to the landing page.

Patient Sales Closer System

Now it is time you close these leads into buying customers.

At this stage, we will automate your marketing efforts to nurture leads into customers. We can use software to help facilitate the process. Essentially, this software is a CRM + Email Marketing software merged. Popular marketing automation systems are Infusionsoft & Hubspot.

I cannot go into too much detail here because your situation may require a different approach, however, you can categorise campaigns into the following:

  • Short-Term Nurturing
    Did you know that 50% of sales go to the first salesperson to contact the prospect? It’s important to IMMEDIATELY follow-up with an email and/or phone call (if required). Once someone enquires you want to keep in touch with them each week or fortnightly initially while they are a hot prospect.
  • Long-Term Marketing Automation
    Did you know that only 15-20% buy within the first 90 days? With that being said, you want to keep in touch with your prospects during the buying lifecycle, which could be up to a year. You can cross-sell or upsell customers with specific campaigns.

For a limited time, we’re offering healthcare members a complimentary marketing audit on how we exactly grew a practice 4x.

Adam Rowles
Blueprint Homes