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Email marketing is the most used channel of professional communication and digital advertising that is flexible to business’ needs.

A practical email marketing strategy allows for regular communication from a Perth business to a broad audience of their existing and potential customers at a low cost with measurable results.

Generate more leads and sales with an Email marketing strategy

It is reported that for every dollar spent on email marketing, an average of $44 return on investment is realised. (Campaign Monitor, 2016)

Taking advantage of email marketing is an opportunity to remain front-of-mind with existing
customers and prospects at all stages of the buyers’ journey, enabling businesses to:

  • Build rapport with clients and prospects
  • Drive in sales over extended periods of time
  • Reach a vast audience while also speaking one-on-one
  • Increase customers’ lifetime value
  • Grow their digital database
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Strategic Development

Email marketing can be one of the best ROI marketing activities when focused on quality rather than quantity.

Devise the optimum messaging for your target market in Perth and, depending on its purpose, use it as a sales tool, branding exercise, or test ideas.

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Personalised Marketing

Learn what subscribers are interested in and employ email marketing as a personal approach communications platform.

Tailor messages with valuable content instead of spam in exchange for your subscriber’s precious time. Familiarity increases the likelihood of future purchases.

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Email Design

Stock email newsletters can be easily replaced with well-designed email messages, encouraging a higher open rate and best chance of reader response.

Send well-designed emails that reflect your business to attract your clientele and close sales.

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Email Automation

Use email marketing as part of the inbound methodology by automating ‘thank you for your business’ and follow-up emails to increase customers’ lifetime value.

Spot trends and find out which of your email campaigns performs the best through reporting and management before optimising your campaign.

Start reaping the benefits of email marketing right now!
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Inbound Marketing Methodology

Inbound Marketing Process

Effective email marketing combined with inbound marketing methodology converts website visitors into leads and nurtures to help close them into customers.

But it doesn’t stop there – your email content should always delight your customers, turning them into promoters of your brand.

Integration of your overall business goals and email marketing strategy has never been more important. By integrating offers such as special reports and calls-to-action on your website you can derive value out of the email subscribers who visit your site.

Why Choose Inbound Marketing Agency?

With Inbound Marketing Agency’s services, you get a complete, customised inbound marketing plan including:

With Inbound Marketing Agency’s services, you get a complete, customised inbound marketing plan including:

Generate more leads and close sales with Inbound Marketing

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