Strategic Content Marketing

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Increase Leads

Content Marketing is a strategic process of creating valuable and relevant content to attract and engage your target audience to drive customer action.

Content Marketing is a broad area, as there are many different formats and digital channels to deliver a message including blogs, emails, website pages, social media, and more.

In just one minute…

  • 1,388 blog posts are published
  • Instagram users post 220,000 photos
  • YouTube users upload 72 hours of new video
  • Twitter sees nearly 300,000 tweets
  • Facebook users share 2.5 million pieces of content

The Inbound Marketing Approach

Inbound Marketing Process

Content has the crucial job of pulling people from one stage of the inbound methodology to another. It plays an essential part in the Attract, Convert, and Close stages.

Your content should attract the right people to your site, convert those people into leads, and nurture and help close them into customers.

As opposed to marketing or advertising your products and services, you’re creating helpful, entertaining content that your prospects and customers can enjoy and learn from.


In the digital world, the first impression of your Perth business comes through your writing. It’s about creating a connection between your business and your prospects, and it’s more than what you write on your blog or social media.

It’s communicating your beliefs and mission consistently to your audience on the right platforms.


Only 35% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy, and only 37% of B2C marketers have a documented content strategy. – Hubspot

Having a content marketing strategy allows you to align your marketing goals with the overall goals of the business. This enables your content marketing efforts to have an immediate impact where it matters most: attracting and engaging your audience.

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People consume an average of 285 pieces of content or 54,000 words every single day. – Business2Community

Perth businesses are always battling for the attention of their prospects and customers. To get your prospects to engage as they browse, your content must be helpful and useful.

When your content marketing is helpful and useful consistently over days and months, people connect with you and your business.

White papers

In 2016, it was reported that 47% of B2B buyers consume 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a salesperson. – Demand Gen Report

Wherever you have industry expertise you should add deeper value for readers, offering facts, figures, and insights in the form of a white paper or e-book.

Social media

It may not be the right platform for your business to communicate with its audience, but social media can be perfect for distributing and promoting your content to potential customers and amplifying its brand-building effect.


Email marketing presents a direct line of communication to a targeted audience to create deeper relationships at a small cost relative to other forms of advertising.

With a compelling message and strategic outlook, your business can benefit from email marketing.

Why Content Marketing?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Creating content that both people and Google find relevant and valuable is an excellent way to find yourself higher in Google’s search results.

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Become an industry leader

As prospects begin to trust your ideas and knowledge because of what they’ve learned from you, they trust you as a source of information.

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Increased leads and sales

Attract more traffic with helpful and useful content, answering their questions and objections, and smoothly converting leads into customers.

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Inbound Marketing Methodology

Content has the crucial job of pulling people from one stage of the inbound marketing methodology to another by creating helpful, entertaining content.

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