The 5 Best Social Media Campaign Ideas [with examples]

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Did you know that a whopping 84% of B2B marketers use social media?

Are you behind the bandwagon or using social media marketing to generate leads?

The biggest problem we regularly notice is the strategy behind the social media lacks, not the channel itself.

Today I’ll discuss the best social media campaigns that you can replicate!

Best Social Media Campaigns

These methods will:

  1. Reach new prospects
  2. Update customers of new offers
  3. Build your brand profile
  4. Increase engagement

The great thing about these social media campaigns is you don’t need to spend hours creating and managing social media campaigns if you focus on the right strategies.

Social Media Awards

Each year in April, the Webby Awards recognise outstanding internet and social media innovation. Judges from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences select the best social campaigns based on content, creativity, engagement, and overall experience. Here are some of their picks for the best social media campaigns of 2015.

GoPro: Photo of the Day

GoPro got social media followers and owners of their action cameras involved by creating an interactive social media campaign.

Each day, they select a photo submitted by a GoPro user to share across their social media networks. In addition to giving winners exposure to their 9.4 million Facebook fans, 8.2 million Instagram followers, 1.5 million Twitter followers, the lucky content creators will also receive cash rewards. GoPro has dedicated up to $5 million per year to give to those who submit photos, videos, and clips taken with their products.

This campaign is a great example of community involvement; getting users involved by motivating them with exposure and prizes.

Want to create a similar social media campaign for your business? Encourage users to share photos, videos, and stories using your product or service. Incentivise them with cash prizes, free giveaways, promotions, or even re-posts.

Lay’s: Do Us A Flavor

The famous potato chip company, Lay’s, which is also known as Smith’s in Australia and Walkers in the UK, took fan engagement to the next level with their “Do Us A Flavor” campaign.

The chip brand asked customers what flavour chips they should make next, encouraging customers to get creative and pitch their favourite seasoning ideas. They then select finalists, produce limited quantities of the chip flavours, and pit the finalists against each other.

The customers ultimately decide which flavours stay and which flavours go by voting for their preferred flavours. Lay’s incentivises customers to vote by offering a $250K prize for one lucky voter.

Do you think something similar could work for your business? Ask social media followers what they want to see, set a selection process, and deliver the best options. Then encourage customers to try these “limited edition” options and select their favourite. This is a great way to get customers engaged. It’s a win-win for both your business and your customers: you get insight, and customers get what they’re after.

KLM: #HappyToHelp

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines launched their unique #HappyToHelp social media campaign in 2015. This campaign took customer service to the next level, showing customers just how dedicated their team is to ensure that every customer is happy.

The team took to social media months in advance, seeking unhappy customers of KLM and their competitors. They found over half a million travel-related tweets and addressed the customers’ concerns via Twitter, phone, personal video messages, and even airport deliveries.

Some of the more drastic measures KLM took during their week long 24/7 attempt at flawless customer service include sending one customer a speedboat to beat New York City traffic, making a personalised language lesson for a traveller heading to Mexico, and delivering pillows & beds to tired travellers.

This level of customer service may be above and beyond what your business currently provides, but applying similar techniques is completely doable.

Create a unique hashtag for your brand and encourage people to get in touch with any problems. Go a step further by seeking out customers of competitors and solving their problems; this will show customers your superior service and encourage their loyalty.

AT&T: It Can Wait

Mobile phone service provider AT&T created a viral social media campaign based on something most of us use every day: mobile phones. Their “It Can Wait” campaign brought to light the dangers of using your mobile phone while driving.

Over 7.8 million social media users took the pledge to stay off their phones while driving; making roads a safer place. AT&T offered users a variety of free apps to increase road safety. These apps minimise distractions while driving by silencing incoming messages and automatically turning on when drivers hit 25 kilometres per hour.

Want to implement a similar marketing campaign for your business? Consider if there are any possible negative consequences associated with your company’s services or products. Alternatively, is there anything that can happen if customers don’t use your products?

If so, how can you ensure that users avoid these problems? Promote these solutions to avoid problems that users could face or already experiencing. Show them how your company can simplify and solve their issues.

WWF: #LastSelfie

WWF was the recipient of the Webby Award for best social media campaign for their #LastSelfie campaign. Unlike preceding social media campaigns which focused primarily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this campaign used Snapchat to deliver its powerful message.

Their campaign video shared the text “Snapchat is a mirror of real life. The images you see are…unique, yet only live for a few seconds. Just like these endangered animals.”

The WWF targeted millennials, aiming to raise their awareness and increase donations to the fund. Using snapchat, they focused on powerful messaging that resonates with the estimated 1 million selfie-takers.

Reach your target market on social media as WWF did by defining their demographics, psychographics, and usage behaviours. Think of what makes your company unique and use this to attract customers.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve had a look at a variety of campaign types, it’s time to create or modify your social media marketing campaign.

To provide customers with a variety of material, you can:

  • Offer giveaways
  • Host contests
  • Ask for feedback
  • Solve their problems
  • Run polls
  • Answer questions

and more.

Launch your campaign using these tips, and you’ll be satisfying and engaging customers in no time.

For more marketing tips and help running your social media marketing campaigns, contact Inbound Marketing Agency.

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