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Improve ROI

Google AdWords accounts for 2/3rds of clicks for people searching with high commercial intent. –  WordPress

We at Inbound are not advocating that you exclude other marketing activities for PPC but a balance of marketing channels,
including inbound marketing activities and SEO.

Generate more leads and close sales with Inbound Marketing

There are a lot of Perth businesses out there who know of AdWords but aren’t sure if can work for them.

We believe that a PPC advertising system can work for almost any type of business.

Using Google AdWords requires an investment of time and money, but many find that it’s well spent because it delivers measurable ROI.

What is it?

AdWords is Google’s digital advertising program involving the creation of online ads to reach people interested in your offering.

It is based on keywords and search terms that consumers type into Google to find your products, services, or business.

The format includes text, video, remarketing, images, and banners. You pay for clicks on your ads appearing in Google’s search results or on pages related to your offering, similar to social media.

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Grow your customer base

Promote your Perth business, raise awareness, and increase digital traffic to your website.

Connect with people seeking a product or service like yours. Find ready to buy customers who are looking for the products and services in your niche.

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Targeted Advertising

Google AdWords can be a highly-targeted method of pulling in customers who are searching for your products or services rather than SEO.

Fine-tune your strategy, and use the capability to scale-up or scale-down your spend instantly. With no minimum spending commitment, you set and control your own budget.

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Be ‘Top of the pack.’

AdWords campaigns place your advertisements at the top of Google search engine results on all devices.

Ranking high in potential consumer’s search is the best way to increase the visibility, traffic and leads for your website. Position your company for growth and success by setting up and automating your digital sales funnel for great ROI.

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Hit your marketing goals

Customise your ads to hit your business goals.

Encourage specific actions from customers such as:

  • Directly buying or contacting you online
  • Visiting your store
  • Calling your company

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I want potential customers to find my business through Google AdWords

A well-structured campaign managed by an experienced team can turn AdWords into a profitable marketing exercise.

In Perth, AdWords is at its best when there is clear communication between the advertiser and the consumer.

Measuring your results and refining your campaign is a key capability and service our Google AdWords-certified specialists offer.

I don’t want to pay for clicks

In some industries AdWords can get costly for extremely competitive keywords or phrases. While Google AdWords is a great solution for getting immediate results, it should be a part of a broader marketing solution including SEO.

The key to success is proper AdWords management from day one. The correct setup care ensures you’re only paying for ready-to-purchase consumers, making AdWords hugely profitable for some businesses.

Inbound Marketing Agency Perth

We use real searches and keywords your consumers use to find your products and services to create the basis for an effective campaign for your project. You know your business better than anyone, so we start with you.

Through continuous optimisation, we were able to save this client thousands of dollars, increase their conversion rate by over 200% and generate more leads through their online platform.

Inbound Marketing Agency Adwords Results

We know how to set up, optimise and manage your campaign to meet your companies needs and make your PPC budget go further. Inbound Marketing Agency can advise you if Google AdWords is the right choice for your Perth business once we understand what you want to achieve.

We handle all functions of Google AdWords including:

  • Campaign creation and setup
  • Ad copywriting
  • Image and banner ad design
  • Ad split testing
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Bidding management
  • Performance measurement and reporting

Talk to our Google AdWords-certified specialists
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