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Tell your story

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Build engagement

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Drive action

Tell your story, Build Engagement and Drive Action

Inbound Marketing Agency works with not-for-profit organisations to develop a strategic Inbound GamePlan and help you create a strong foundation and stand out in a large industry helping to raise awareness and much-needed funding.

We understand the depth of passion and the stories each organisation brings, so it’s important to be clear about who you are and the key messages that articulate your ideas and beliefs.

Why is not for profit marketing different?

The donor is more often in charge, which means that not for profits need to embrace new ways of thinking regarding their relationship with their target market and how they communicate.

Communicating with donors is less about persuasion and more about building a relationship and emotional attachment to your work and mission. The not-for-profit sector is moving into the content marketing space, highlighting the importance of telling stories with your content.

Direct mail shouldn’t be your only content strategy, as millennials become the money-makers and are more likely to give digitally than past generations.

The growth of mobile usage is accelerating so making the donation process easier and smoother is important as low ROI marketing campaigns can be damaging.

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Raise Awareness

Share content such as stories and information about your work across digital channels and touch more people.

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Grow Profits

Grow your brand, attract financial support, and increase donors and referrals.

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Better ROI

Build a more active donor base and communicate your vision and mission with marketing automation.

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Inbound Marketing Agency Working with Not for Profits

At Inbound Marketing Agency, we believe in not-for-profit organisations to support our local community in Perth as well as national and international communities.

We partner with not for profits to help them to build marketing capability and develop strategies to make the most of your marketing dollars with result-driven B2B and B2C marketing.

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With Inbound Marketing Agency, you get a complete,
customised inbound marketing plan including:

Generate more leads and close sales with Inbound Marketing

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