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Educate & Engage

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Build Trust

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Grow Sales

Capitalise on the inbound marketing methodology & marketing automation to effortlessly drive profitable customer action

Many Perth businesses use marketing automation to educate and engage with new and existing customers.

Using stock messages and putting everyone in the same digital file no longer works as tailor-made and personalised campaigns yield greater results.

Marketing automation consists of sending emails to prospects over a period to build trust and get them closer to the profitable action.

This system gives your lead the information they want, when they want it.

This all means early identification of prospects, improved communication with your customers, effective marketing, and more sales.

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Automation effectively eliminates repetitive manual work processes, systemising activities, and operations for a smoother workflow.

Increased productivity within marketing enables staff to focus on tasks requiring more of a human touch.

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Tracking and Monitoring

The success of any digital marketing campaign should be supported by data from tracking and monitoring.

Most software can show you which of your marketing strategies are working. That data can be analysed to optimise your future campaigns.

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Increased profits

Develop more efficient marketing campaigns with automation software to reduce the cost per customer acquisition. Marketing automation can be an ideal solution for a small business looking to manage your budget efficiently.

More tailored and timely messages communicated to prospects at critical stages of the buyer’s journey will boost sales.

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Inbound Marketing Methodology

Inbound Marketing Process

Marketing automation empowers inbound marketers with the tools to convert website visitors and email subscribers into leads and customers.

By automating inbound efforts such as lead nurturing, scoring, and other components of marketing, you can create an effective sales funnel.

Marketing Automation nurtures leads created through inbound marketing and moves them through the sales funnel to incorporate the involvement of your sales team.

Marketing Automation Tools

A marketing automation platform can streamline your efforts and give insights into what your visitors and leads are doing.

You’ll know what digital content is being read or downloaded and what pages of your website are most engaging,
allowing you the ability to measure your marketing efforts and adjust for even better results.

Regardless of how big or small, every Perth business needs a CRM, a couple of our favourite marketing automation tools include:

Why Choose Inbound Marketing Agency?

With Inbound Marketing Agency’s services, you get a complete, customised inbound marketing plan including:

With Inbound Marketing Agency’s services, you get a complete, customised inbound marketing plan including:

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