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Connect with Professionals

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Engage in Conversation

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Grow your Business

Contact other professionals and decision-makers
on the world’s largest professional network

LinkedIn is the social network of choice for working professionals looking to make connections.

It provides numerous benefits for Business to Business companies who take the time to explore it.

LinkedIn as a social and professional site make it a very powerful platform for any business’ online presence.

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Build Your Brand

Build a focused and likeable flagship for your business via the power of professional social networking.

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Generate Leads

Use Linkedin content posts, personal messaging, or targeted advertisements to nurture relationships with decision-makers.

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B2B Networking

Gain access to other professionals active on LinkedIn looking to network and collaborate to grow their business.

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Establish Leadership

Highlight your business products/services and thought leadership to build trust and credibility with potential customers/partners.

Over 8 million business professionals in Australia are on LinkedIn.
Find out how LinkedIn can help your business today!

Inbound Marketing LinkedIn Strategy

Inbound Marketing Agency’s LinkedIn marketing strategy is designed to target your B2B clients more accurately, surpassing gatekeepers and bringing you closer to business decision-makers.

Inbound endeavour to reach more potential leads and customers and move this traffic to your site by employing the inbound methodology of nurturing and educating leads to convert leads into customers.

Targeted Advertising

  • Use display, text, and dynamic Ads with a highly customisable filter system for highly targeted advertising to boost your ROI and reach your audience.

Sponsored Content

  • Publish and promote your content to the world’s largest professional audience to build authority and industry leadership.

Sponsored/Personal Messaging

  • Contact your ideal customer with personalised and relevant messages sent straight to their LinkedIn Inbox.

Why Choose Inbound Marketing Agency?

With Inbound Marketing Agency’s services, you get a complete, customised inbound marketing plan including:

Generate more leads and close sales with Inbound Marketing
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